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General Safety, Health & Environment

In C-GAS SAFETY, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT is most important, and rightly so, in view of the ecological imbalance that the world is facing at large. C-Gas as a responsible Corporate Citizen is striving to strike a right balance between operating its business and maintaining a sense of harmony with its surroundings.

It is the PEOPLE who make their working environment safe by adopting safe work practices and it is these work practices that form a part of any Environment, Health & Safety(Sh&e) Policy. the Objective of SH&E Policy is not only to bring about awareness, but to also promote a pollution free environment; and create a healthy surrounding and safe working conditions by constantly guiding all our actions within a consciously recognized and adopted set of standards.

The SAFETY, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT Policy is a testimony to C-GAS’s Commitment towards protection of environment as we have a great responsibility to not only protect the health safety of our colleagues but also hand over a safe word to the future generation to come. We follow the SH&E Policy, not only in word but also in spirit, and actively contribute towards achieving its objectives.


C-GAS is committed to conduct it’s business in the way that protects the safety of personnel involved in the business including the customers and the public. It’s our goal to have our business 100% free from accidents, injuries and occupational illness through the active participation of every one involved in our business.

To meet goal of 100% accident free operation C Gas carry out following:

  • Design, Install, implement and maintain facilities which control safety risks.
  • Comply with statutory regulations and standards for controlling the risks.
  • Train the personnel working at work place for safety aspects, safe behavior and effective use of equipment’s to avoid any incident/accident.
  • Undertake reviews, analyze, evaluate and install optimum value available safety/operational equipment’s for achieving the accident free operations economically.
  • Comply with statutory regulations & regulation Ministry of Energy, Kampala, Uganda for safe operation of plant.

Necessary measures taken to minimize the risk at work places.

Key Activities of Safety, Health and Environment

Key Activities of Safety, Health and Environment

  • Security of property and Personnel
  • Operational Safety
  • Safety Audit Programs
  • Product Knowledge
  • Incident/Accident/Near Misses investigation for root cause analysis
  • Emergency Response and File Protection.
  • Environmental protection
  • Safety, Training, Health records.

C-GAS is committed to create a healthy working atmosphere and to overcome on any kind of Occupational Health hazard associated with LPG at work place. C-Gas have plans to evaluate health risk if any at work place, and take appropriate measure to overcome on such risks.

Training on Occupational Health and Environment are regularly imparted to employees to encourage them to be concerned and respect the environment and make them understand that every one is responsible to maintain healthy environment and adopt appropriate working practices.


C-GAS is committed to conduct it’s business in the healthy and environmental friendly. C-GAS plans to carry out study on environmental risks at all the plants and implement recommendations of survey Various Environment Programs are done for betterment of environment in and around work place. Make employees understand that every one is responsible for maintaining healthy environment and adopt appropriate working practices.

We comply with environment standards and statutory regulations/requirements on environment by NEMA ( National Environmental Management Authority ) Kampala, Uganda. For eg:Air & Water pollution prevention, Waste management procedure etc.

Major Fire Fighting Facilities:

  • Sufficient capacity Fire Fighting systems.
  • Automatic Fire Fighting System – Automatic gas leakage detectors.
  • Sufficient water storage as required for fire fighting are provided

Under Safety Activities

Mock Drill Considering LPG locations are very risky, every one working at such location needs to be trained to manage any exigency situation. They are given training by way of Mock drills. C-GAS carry out 1 mock drills in a month so that personnel working at place are enough trained to meet exigency situation.


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