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Oxygen Empty cylinder

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The 40 L Oxygen Gas Cylinder is the epitome of reliability, catering to the oxygen needs of both medical and industrial sectors. Items include;

  • 40 L gas cylinder
  • We have an ever-ready team to ensure timely and safe deliveries within Kampala.



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Technical details

The 40 L Oxygen Gas Cylinder is an essential solution tailored to meet both medical and industrial demands. This cylinder has been meticulously designed to store and deliver a steady supply of life-sustaining oxygen gas, catering to a wide spectrum of applications with unwavering reliability and safety.

  • Versatile Supply: Our 40 L Oxygen Gas Cylinder caters to medical and industrial needs alike, providing a dependable oxygen source.

  • Secure Oxygen Storage: Designed for safety, it prevents leaks with strong valves and seals, safeguarding patients and industrial processes.

  • Compact Potency: With 40 L capacity, it’s easily transportable, offering substantial oxygen reserves for medical emergencies and industry requirements.
  • Reliable Performance: Built to industry standards, it guarantees consistent oxygen supply, meeting medical and industrial demands without fail.

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40 Litres

Gas type



carbon composite