LPG: The fuel of the new Generation

  • LPG Gaining Popularity
  • C-Gas
  • Properties of LPG
  • Advantage of LPG Compared to other fuels
  • Specifications of LPG
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Comparison with other fuels

LP Gas

LP Gas is a Propane / Butane mixture liquefied under normal ambient temperature and moderate pressures. It is a safe, clean burning, reliable, high calorific value fuel. In addition to its use as a domestic fuel, it is also widely used in industries, where there is a requirement of low sculpture content fuel and fine temperature controls. LP Gas conforms to UNBS standards.

Properties of LPG

  • LPG is twice as heavy as air and half as heavy as water.
  • LPG is colourless and odourless; hence an odorent is used to detect leaks.
  • LPG can be compressed at a ratio of 1:250, which enables it to be marked in portable containers in liquid form.
  • LPG is safe fuel and ignities only within the specified LPG- Air ratio of 2% to 9%.

A high calorific value of 11,900 Kcal/Kg results in high efficiency heat output.

LPG Gaining Popularity

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is fast gaining popularity in industries for a wide variety of uses.

  • For industries today, quality, costs, efficiency, environment, heat controlability, among others, are major concerns when it comes to choosing the right fuel.
  • LPG addresses all these – making it the ideal fuel choice for a host of industrial applications.
  • LPG is a pure, clean energy source which provides even and controllable heat. This makes it the ideal heat and power source for a wide range of industrial uses.
  • Since LPG is almost free from sulphur, it can be used in sensitive situations such as chemical processes, etc.

LPG is also used for space and process heating to power industrial ovens, kilns, furnaces, machinary and in food processing units.

Advantage of LPG Compared to other fuels

  • Clean Burning
  • No soot, burners have a longer life – so maintenance is low
  • No spillage as it vaporises at atmospheric temperature and pressure.
  • Effects of corrosion are greatly reduced
  • Instantly controllable flame temperature
  • Avoids scaling and decarborising of parts
  • Environmentally friendly fuel, with minimal sulphur content and sulphur- free emissions
  • Very high efficiency with direct firing system
  • Instant heat for faster warm-up and cool-down
  • Free form peak time premium rates, unlike electricity. One rate round the clock
  • Can be used for a variety of applications
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